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Too often I see people spend money in the wrong places, get bad advice and end up worse off than if they hadn't even done anything.

It doesn't have to be like this. 

Specific renovations on Investment properties are different, and will vary depending on what you are trying to achieve.

  • Have you bought a quick flip and want a fast, cost effective reno?
  • Are you trying to increase cashflow from a long term buy & hold rental?
  • Needing to make your rental tougher for student tenants?

All different outcomes, and all requiring different renovations to achieve them.

Let me take you through a personalised renovation plan to achieve the outcome you are wanting, without any unnecessary cost and effort.

One time payment of $995 or just $495 for a limited time, when bought with our 'Seek & Find' service. - more details on that here

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How will Renovate Right

help You?

Every good renovation starts with a plan. And yours is no different.

After being involved in property investment for over 20 years and being part of over 100 renovations there are a lot of lessons I have picked up on what is needed and not needed in different types of renovations.

  • It starts with an on-site visit, looking through the property, talking with you about what your goals are, and how you are hoping to achieve them with the renovation
  • We look at your budget and timelines (often overlooked) to work out what may be possible. 
  • I will take photos, video and make a detailed floor-plan of the current layout, to give us a good understanding of what we are starting with.
  • I will then go draw up a detailed renovation plan (or multiple versions if useful) outlining how best to deal with the different areas of the house (both internal & external), this will have best materials to use, reasons why, and a budget you can expect from different jobs.
  • This can be used for your DIY renovation, or passed onto your builder/handyman for them to understand why certain jobs are or aren't nessessary

Just who is Nathan ??


Great question. 

If you are just finding my content for the first time, welcome, and let me share some of my story.

I have been investing in property here in Christchurch for over 20 years. Buying, adding value, renovating, renting out and selling. I have done dozens of my own projects, as well as helping many others on their property journey.

Along with property investing I have created and operated a number of service based business complementing my property investing. 

Property Management, grounds maintenance and full scale renovations were among the successful business I have been involved with.

I'm now putting all the knowledge and experience into helping others achieve their success on their own property investment journey

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Book your Renovate Right program now. For the low one off fee of $995. You will get a customised renovation plan, easy to follow guide and a clear understanding of the 'why' certain renovations are needed - or not needed.

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