This is all about SPEED & working with me to supercharge your investing

Learn how 'Done for You' Property Coaching is the fastest way to success in Property Investing. Let me do the heavy lifting for you, as I educate you along the way while working with you to achieve your property goals.

Only suitable for properties in the Christchurch area. But open to investors throughout NZ.


3-4 months to success

Within 3-4 months we can find, buy, renovate, rent/sell your next Property. You can be as hands on as you like. Learn from the process, or just have it completely done for you.

A complete 'Done for You'

This is our top level service, where I personally work with you to achieve the result you are looking for. You can use my experience, contacts and knowledge to get it done FAST.

Very limited numbers

As you can appreciate this is a highly time consuming service - therefore we can only accept very limited numbers and we are only taking 1 new client per month currently.

This program is about getting a great result - FAST

➡️ Works for Flipping as well as Buy & Hold deals

➡️ You don't have to be in Christchurch, but the property does. 

➡️ Property deals normally priced from $400,000 upwards (you need to be able to borrow to purchase in this range)

➡️ Get access my team of professionals and skilled tradies.

➡️ Payment plan available


Our ‘Done for You’ service is our flagship coaching program.  

This Done for you program enables you to extend your own investor knowledge as you learn from the twenty years of personal experience I have in the Christchurch property market, in addition to securing a long term rental or completing a profitable flip.   

This is a specialised program personalised for what your portfolio needs are. I work with you, doing the work on your behalf, saving you time and setting you up for success by avoiding the mistakes that I made in the early years of my own journey. 

If you are not based in Christchurch I can still work with you, providing regular updates of our progress.  We discuss how involved (or not ) you want to be in the process regardless of location or time factors. 


At the end of the 3-4 month expected timeframe you will have either :

  • A fantastic, long term rental property, renovated to maximise the full potential of the investment property. This will be warm & dry for your future tenants comfort as well as meeting all current healthy homes criteria. You will have a better understanding of what makes a great deal, the renovation process and the reasons why we do or don’t do certain things to the property. The skills to repeat the process you have learnt - on your own next time.
  • A renovated house, ready to sell for a profit. A better understanding of the GST and tax implications of flipping property. Knowledge on what makes a great flip (and what doesn’t). The process of a quick renovation and why certain aspects are so much more important than others. The skills to repeat the process you have learnt - on your own next time.


The price for this program is $20,000 + GST and is broken down into 4x monthly payments of $5000+gst 

- or a 1 off upfront payment of $17,000+gst (a 15% saving)


Next Steps.

Need more?  - Book a time to talk with Nathan to find out when the next places are available for this course and answer any questions you may have. Book a free call here

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One off Payment $17,000+gst - and save 15% !!


Payment Plan 4x monthly payments of $5000+gst