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Learn how 'Done for You' Property Coaching is the fastest way to success in Property Investing. Let me do the heavy lifting for you, as I educate you along the way while working with you to achieve your property goals.

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Discover how our 'Done for You' coaching program is the fastest way to Property Investment success

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3-4 months to success

Within 3-4 months we can find, buy, renovate, rent/sell your next Property. You can be as hands on as you like. Learn from the process, or just have it completely done for you.

A complete 'Done for You'

This is our top level service, where I personally work with you to achieve the result you are looking for. You can use my experience, contacts and knowledge to get it done FAST.

Very limited numbers

As you can appreciate this is a highly time consuming service - therefore we can only accept very limited numbers and we only open this program up 3x per year.

This program is about getting a great result - FAST

➡️ Works for Flipping as well as Buy & Hold deals

➡️ You don't have to be in Christchurch, but the property does. 

➡️ Property deals normally priced from $400,000 upwards (you need to be able to borrow to purchase in this range)

➡️ Get access my team of professionals and skilled tradies.

➡️ Payment plan available


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