Seek & Find

Our premium property finding service.

Developed from over 20 years of experience looking at property deals here in Christchurch and understanding why certain properties will suit different investing strategies.

This is a personalised service and we work 1:1 with you to understand your investing needs, and find a suitable property to match.

There is an option to add on a customised renovation plan to accompany this service. 

Get our 'Seek & Find' property finding service now

‚úÖ We start with a 60min strategy session to see exactly the type of property that you need to progress you on your investment journey. You don't want the wrong property first up, as this could harm your ability to buy more.

‚úÖ Once we work out the type of property, price range & why your buying - I get to work finding you the best deal. This will be a number of options we go thru to see the absolute best option for your situation.

✅ I negotiate on your behalf (or can bid at auction with/for you) to get the best price and terms - With my experience, I can often save you 10x - 20x of the cost you are paying me for this service !! 

‚úÖ Most properties I suggest will have some form or renovation component - and for $495 more, you can get access to our 'Renovate Right' program. The perfect accompaniment for this 'Seek & Find' package.

Ready to take action ? 

Get our 'Seek & Find' property finding service now



Just who is Nathan?

Great question. 

If you are just finding my content for the first time, welcome, and let me share some of my story.

I have been investing in property here in Christchurch for over 20 years. Buying, adding value, renovating, renting out and selling. I have done dozens of my own projects, as well as helping many others on their property journey.

Along with property investing I have created and operated a number of service based business complementing my property investing. 

Property Management, grounds maintenance and full scale renovations were among the successful business I have been involved with.

I'm now putting all the knowledge and experience into helping others achieve their success on their own property investment journey

Seek & Find

Get started with a $995 Deposit

Standard Price $4000

  • Total price just $2995
  • Get started for just $995
  • Remainder in 2x progress payments once property secured
  • Add on 'Renovate Right' for just $495

Seek & Find


Standard Price $4000

  • Personalised property finding service
  • 1:1 Strategy Session
  • Expert negotiating¬†
  • For Flipping or Buy & Hold
  • Only 1-4 weeks till a successful purchase
  • Add on Renovate Right' for just $495

A good property purchase often needs a smart renovation to turn it into a great deal.

Almost every property I have bought and helped others buy, needed a renovation. You usually can't buy a great deal outright but you can create one with a smart renovation.

But sadly I often see people spending money in all the wrong places.

Our 'Renovate Right' program give you the personalised renovation plan to get the most from your property. Wether its a quick flip or a long term buy & hold, you only want to spend your money on getting the best return and result.

We are offering a Limited time deal on our 'Renovate Right' program, that can accompany our Seek & Find package. 

Normally $990 but only $495 when bought alongside with Seek & Find.

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More details on our Renovate Right program here

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