Seek & Find

Our premium property finding service.

Developed from over 20 years of experience looking at property deals here in Christchurch and understanding why certain properties will suit different investing strategies.

This is a personalised service and we work 1:1 with you to understand your investing needs, and find a suitable property to match.

There is an option to add on a customised renovation plan to accompany this service. 

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How 'Seek & Find' can help you...

This is the perfect solution if you are ready to buy an investment property in Christchurch but...

- ✅ You live out of the area and can't be here in person

- ✅ You are time poor and can't spend the time to find something

- ✅ You are unsure of exactly what you need in your next investment property

- ✅ You want to start, but don't know exactly what that looks like

In this 'Seek & Find' package, I will hold you hand during the whole process of finding, negotiating and buying your first (or next) investment property here in Christchurch. And if out of town, I can do the whole process for you, with regular progress updates back to you.

We start with a 1:1 Strategy session to see where you currently are. We look at your goals and what this next investment property needs to provide you (cashflow, increased equity or instant cash thru a quick flip)

We look at your financial situation, useable equity, useable cash and total amount you are able to borrow (pre-approval for more lending is ideal to speed up this process) and can work out the price range we are now looking for.

I then start looking for suitable properties for you, both ones currently on the market and through my network of off market deals.

I will shortlist a number for you, with some basic due diligence in place and we can order these in preference.

We then start making offers (or ready ourselves for auction) again I will lead this process, educating you on what makes a 'good deal' here in Christchurch.

The aim is to get a few under contract, to then have choices when doing the due diligence (slightly difference process if properties are going to auction - as due diligence needed before the auction)

With due diligence complete, I will negotiate on your behalf, making sure You get the best possible deal and secure yourself a fantastic investment property.

This process can take anywhere from 1-4 weeks and having a pre-approval for your finance will make sure we can progress this quickly to get a great deal for you.


Plus add our limited time 1/2 price Renovate Right deal which complements this Seek & Find property finding service.

More info on our Renovate Right program here

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Get our 'Seek & Find' property finding service now

Just who is Nathan?

Great question. 

If you are just finding my content for the first time, welcome, and let me share some of my story.

I have been investing in property here in Christchurch for over 20 years. Buying, adding value, renovating, renting out and selling. I have done dozens of my own projects, as well as helping many others on their property journey.

Along with property investing I have created and operated a number of service based business complementing my property investing. 

Property Management, grounds maintenance and full scale renovations were among the successful business I have been involved with.

I'm now putting all the knowledge and experience into helping others achieve their success on their own property investment journey



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Get our 'Seek & Find' property finding service now

Seek & Find

Just $2990

Standard Price $4000

  • Personalised property finding service
  • 1:1 Strategy Session
  • Expert negotiating 
  • Only 1-4 weeks till a successful purchase

A good property purchase often needs a smart renovation to turn it into a great deal.

Almost every property I have bought and helped others buy, needed a renovation. You usually can't buy a great deal outright but you can create one with a smart renovation.

But sadly I often see people spending money in all the wrong places.

Our 'Renovate Right' program give you the personalised renovation plan to get the most from your property. Wether its a quick flip or a long term buy & hold, you only want to spend your money on getting the best return and result.

We are offering a 1/2 price deal on our 'Renovate Right' program, that can accompany our Seek & Find package. 

Normally $990 but only $495 when bought alongside with Seek & Find.

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More details on our Renovate Right program here