Rich Dad Poor Dad - Review - Nathan Broughton

Rich Dad Poor Dad - Review

This is Book number 1 in our 24 Book Challenge. Watch the video to see my top 2 takeaways from the book. It is an absolute OG in the big list of business books. Often quoted and refered to - Rich Dad Poor Dad covers the fundamentals of having a job vs having your own business. He shows how wealth can be created, assets bought, and used to fund your life.

Takeaway 1:

Robert has a simple explanation of Asset vs Liability "An asset puts money into your pocket each month, where as a Liability takes money out of your pocket each month"

This is key to understand as you build your wealth and focus on where and what you buy.


Takeaway 2:

Roberts income flow chart.

This is a great visual of how money flows for different types of people. And once you've really got a good grasp on Assets vs Liabilities you can interpret this chart and work towards having yours look more like the 'rich' income statement.


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