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Ready to Invest

This course will bring together everything you need to know to get started on your property investing journey. In less than 30 days or over a 90 minute Live Masterclass you will have the information to get started.

  • Working out WHY you are wanting to invest in property. 
  • Finance - How much you can borrow & do you need cash.
  • Mortgage advisor vs direct to your bank
  • Structures - What entity should you buy a property in (and just what is an entity)
  • Type of property to buy - New build vs Existing property
  • The professionals you need in the beginning
  • Where you should start buying houses - Your city or in a different area
  • And a whole lot more - negotiations, renovations, property management... 

Who will be training me ?


I'm Nathan, and will be guiding you through this 'Ready to Invest' training. 

I have 20 years experience in the Christchurch Property area.

Buying, selling, renovation, new build, property management and helping others find success through property.

I wish I had done this type of training way back when I was starting out. Instead, I made my mistakes via trial & error - but this has helped me figure out (the long way) what works and doesn't work when you are Investing in Property.

Want to start investing the right way?

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