$495.00 NZD

Renovate Right

Just $990

Limited time offer of just $495

Before you spend ANY money on a renovation - make sure you are only doing the things that will return you maximum value

What you'll get:

  • Personalised walk thru looking at your property
  • A detailed description of what you are trying to achieve with this renovation
  • A detailed renovation plan, customised to your property and fitting the outcomes you are needing

Your personalised guide to get the maximum benefit out of your property renovations.

Not all renovations will add value to your property. And when your budget is limited you need to be smart about where and how you spend your money.
Add in the different renovations need for a buy & hold vs a quick flip - and it starts to become confusing just where to begin.

'Renovate Right' has been created to give you solid advice and an actionable plan on what renovations are needed in your specific property. Each renovation plan is custom designed after an on-site visit and an understanding on what the renovation is trying to achieve (increase in cashflow, quick flip, longterm durability for tenants etc)