1:1 Mentoring 

If you are serious about finding success in property investing here in New Zealand... You need to get along side someone who has experience and expertise in this market.

I am offering a limited number of 1:1 mentorship opportunities. This can be for anywhere in NZ (phone/zoom). And I will be directly with me. I am only offering 5 of these on a trial basis and will be $295 + gst per week for unlimited mentorship guidance and advice. 

Yes Unlimited!!

Get my personal phone number and call me with any questions you have during regular office hours. This is great during a property project for deal sourcing advice, negotiation help, renovation strategies or planning out the best way to add value to flip.

Very limited numbers, so get in touch asap via the form below.

Are you interested ?

Simply fill in the form and I will be in touch to talk through the offering and further details.

Just who is Nathan?

If you are just finding my content for the first time, welcome, and let me share some of my story.

I have been investing in property here in Christchurch for over 20 years. Buying, adding value, renovating, renting out and selling. I have done dozens of my own projects, as well as helping many others on their property journey.

Along with property investing I have created and operated a number of service based business complementing my property investing. 

Property Management, Renovation Project Management, and a Waste Management business were among the successful business I have been involved with.

I'm now putting all the knowledge and experience into helping others achieve their success on their own property investment journey.