The 24 Book Challenge

Join me as I read and review these 24 books over the course of 2024.

Starting January 15, 2024 I will be working my way through these 24 books (1 book every 2 weeks) and doing a review with my key learnings for every one.

I've broken the list into basic categories and will do the actual order of how I will read them below that. Once reviewed, I will link next to each book. Feel free to read along with me - or just watch each review as I do it.

Full book list coming soon

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The average personal development book is approx 50,000 words. And research shows the average person reads 238 words per minute... So 3.5 hours average per book, which is 15 minutes per day as we will be aiming for 1 book every 2 weeks. 

Below is the start of my list - clearly I haven't completed this yet (as of 31 December 2023) And below that is the first 2 months order  - if you would like to join me in reading through these.

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  • $100 Million Dollar offer - Alex Hormozi

  • Profit First - Mike Michalowicz

  • The E-myth revisited - Michael Gerber

  • Sell like Crazy - Sabri Suby

  •  The 10x Rule - Grant Cardone



  • Wealth Plan - Andrew Nicol & Ed Mcknight

  • Rich Dad - Robert Kiyosaki

  • 20 Rental Properties in 1 year - Graeme Fowler

  • Property 101 - Matthew Gilligan





  • Atomic Habits - James Clear

  • Think & Grow rich - Napoleon Hill

  • The one thing - Jay Papasan

  • The 5 second rule - Mel Robins



  • The body keeps score - Bessel van der Kolk

  •  The Mind-Gut connection - Emeran Mayer



  • The reason for God - Timothy Keller

  • Resilient - John Eldridge

  • Freedom of Simplicity - Richard J. Foster

  • The Ruthless elimination of hurry - John Mark Comer

  • The last arrow - Erwin McManus

15 January - 28 January - Rich Dad, Poor Dad - Robert Kiyosaki

29 January - 11 Febuary - Atomic Habits - James Clear

12 February - 25 February - The Reason for God - Timothy Keller

26 February - 10 March - Wealth Plan - Andrew Nicol & Ed McKnight

11 March - 24 March - 


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