One to One Property Coaching - 5 session value pack

In this 5 session coaching package, we have the time to really look deep into your personal situation. See why you are wanting to invest in property, and to map out and start to implement the next steps of your own property journey. 

$195 per session and billed weekly over the 5 sessions.  We run live online sessions on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday mornings

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These sessions are custom made to help YOU. What do you need help with right now. Whatever stage of your journey, I can help you make your next move successfully.

All sesions live with me

Each 60min session will be live with me, online via a zoom or google video interface. All recorded for you to watch again so you don't miss any detail.

Only $195 per session

These are automatically billed weekly, so no big upfront costs for you. We can also increase the amount if you want to continue after the 5 sessions.

What you can expect from these sessions:

  • Session 1 We will deep dive into your current situation to see how best to structure our coaching time together. 

  • Session 2 - 5 We look at the best entity for you, getting your power team assembled, how to maximise your borrowing, cashflow vs equity deals, how to renovate for maximum return, flips vs buy & hold, getting ready to rent, selling tips..... and so much more 
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